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The traditional workforce is undergoing a transformation. As we all change the way we carry out business, many accountants are no longer bound to a physical office.

Accounting firms that want to stay competitive need the right technology solutions. With the Successful Entrepreneur Platform, you have access to everything you need to start, run, and grow your business – all in one convenient location.

Educational courses. Update your knowledge and help your team to offer more specialised services, including tax planning, financial planning and consulting. Set yourself apart, attract more clients, identify new opportunities and free up time for value-added services.
Coaching and mentorship. Learn diverse skill sets to help your firm grow. We show you how to attract the best staff, but also how to equip them to grow beyond tasks like tax preparation – with self-service tools that help to proactively identify errors and improve the quality of their work.
Networking opportunities. Talk shop with other professionals and discuss the latest accounting trends or new legislation. Get ready to participate in Chambers of Commerce, local and state groups, message boards and social media to keep your knowledge current and boost your contact list.
Software designed for entrepreneurs. Offer more accurate insights. With the latest technology, CPAs can effectively bridge the gap between accountants and other financial advisors. Drastically reduce your errors and workload, and free yourself up to take on more advisory responsibilities.

Innovation in Accounting

Our platform represents the future of bookkeeping, providing a dynamic new system for connecting with the wider community of like-minded entrepreneurs. The technology is designed to drive networking and collaboration, so you can easily touch base with other business owners, share ideas and build meaningful relationships.

The world is changing. Fortunately, our team of experienced coaches and mentors is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals against the backdrop of looming automation. With our expert guidance, you'll have access to the knowledge you need to overcome challenges, make better decisions and achieve repeated success.

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State of Play in the Accounting Industry

60% of small business owners admit they aren’t knowledgeable about accounting, according to the Small Business Report - Accounting.
83% of accountants think their clients are more demanding than five years ago, according to the American Institute of CPAs (ACCSA).
Accounts payable automation software can save businesses $16 or more per invoice, according to research by Business Finance magazine.
PwC finds that the profession has pulled back slightly from remote work, after 37% of accounting personnel opted to work remotely in the US in 2021.
Businesses that adopt cloud accounting systems have five times more customers than companies that don't.
92% of accountants are not future-ready, according to ACCSA.

The problem-solving and task-based nature of accounting is something that translates well to modern working practices. But you need to get prepared – and that’s where More Kaizen comes into play.

Are You Ready To Automate Tasks, Ramp Up Efficiency, and Gain Access to a Wider Pool of Potential Hires?