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Ready to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter channel?

The Channel Partner Alliance has partnered with the More Kaizen platform to bring MSP, VAR, ITSP and MSSP members the best possible virtual business building experience.

>Kaizen — morekaizen.com/partners/channel-partner-alliance

The Kaizen goal-achievement tool, in combination with the MasterClasses, coaching content and Mastermind Peer-Groups will help you to accelerate your success and free-up more of your time.

"You can't read the label when you are inside the jar. The Foundation of the CPA is the power of the MasterMind. When you are surrounded with peers in a framework designed to help you see the blind spots in your business, then you can imitate their success, and avoid their failures. See more clearly your path forward to success."

Randal Wark
MasterMind Facilitator

"Future-proofing your business is all about building on a strong foundation of best practices. Keep in mind that today's best practices may not remain best-practices of tomorrow. Always be learning. Always be improving. Always be building a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business… This is why your membership in the Channel Partner Alliance matters."

Julian Lee
Founder of CPA

"Kaizen is the platform that supports Channel Partner Alliance members to strategize, plan, and implement the industry's best practices in a fraction of the time and effort. The Techno Planet/Kaizan solution IS the game-changer you need!"

Glynis E Devine
MasterClass Facilitator

Join the CPA Channel Success Platform

Channel Partner Alliance is the "CURATOR" of the best knowledge, tools and experts to help all types of MSPs accelerate their success. We have pulled together an army of coaches and tools from partners to help you improve every aspect of your business.

  • NEW Masterclasses weekly
  • NEW group coaching sessions monthly
  • NEW MasterMind Taster session offered fortnightly
  • NEW CPA Marketplace – exclusive offers & discounts
  • NEW >kaizen Digital Tools for goal setting, project management, staff performance and accountability

All fees are clearly listed and transparent. You can pay as you go or you can join our MDF program so we can collect MDF funds on your behalf to subsidize all or part of your fees!

Build your business your way. Join the Channel Partner Alliance.

Unleash Your Potential Via A MasterMind Group

CPA is all about building best business practices for a sustainable recurring revenue MSP business model. It’s best to accomplish this through a Mastermind Peer-Group. A Mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

  • You set the agenda & schedule as well as the frequency of group meetings
  • Collaborate privately and confidentially with your peer group and coaches
  • >Kaizen tool coordinates all activities of the group
  • Share a common Virtual Board of Directors with your peer group
  • Book time with any coach directly for one-on-one or group sessions

Unleash your success with the help of your peers who are living your experience every day!


As a CPA member you instantly get access to our Marketplace where we've negotiated on your behalf further savings from the service providers and vendors you already use. We will be constantly adding to this marketplace.

  • NEW 24/7 365 Days Access
  • NEW E-procurement Tool
  • NEW >Kaizen Business Coaching Calls and Performance Reports
  • NEW Every interaction with the platform earns points redeemable again promotional offers

Instantly link every layer of your organisation

Create synergy and unity across the organisation from the strategic to the operational in real time, so everyone feels part of the team, not a nameless cog in a machine. Competition and secrecy are replaced by collaboration and openness, leading to significant and sustainable improvements.

Re-write the rule book on individual and group performance

CPA membership enables Individuals, teams and organizations to take the chance out of success. Powered by >Kaizen; A world first enabling cutting edge learning to be turned into action. Imagine everyone across your organisation not only having read, but fully understands YOUR Vision, Mission for channel success. Imagine a world where every individual understands how their contribution is linked to clearly defined Goals and Expectations, where business culture is not an aspiration but in everyone's DNA.

Build highly effective performance habits

CPA & >Kaizen bring you the power of Neuro Kinaesthetic Patterning (NKP) helping you effortlessly create long-term habits. Whether managing your whole workday or specific projects over a period of a few months, tasks that used to take days can shorten to hours. The use of NKP ensures everyone becomes the best they can be!

With everything aligned to Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission is your success, so we always go the extra mile. All CPA members get access to the following bonus content/services:

  • 60 minute group coaching call every month
  • Monthly automated >Kaizen Performance Checkins
  • Quarterly checkins from a >Kaizen approved performance coach
  • 50+ Bonus MasterClass Sessions

We take the theory and ideas you've read about and enable you to execute to greater levels of effectiveness than ever before.

Ready to start the next part of your journey?

“>Kaizen makes a massive difference to our Channel Partner Alliance members. It goes beyond similar tools by  connecting strategy & operations  to give everyone visibility of why and how. It's all about building best business practices and future-proofing your business”

Julian Lee
Channel Partner Alliance

Connect with all your essential tools

>Kaizen plays nicely with other tools in your workflow.


Google Calendar

Create events and notify you of scheduled updates.


Zoom Video Conferencing

Automatically create meeting rooms for MasterMinds and check-ins.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Add MasterMind and check-in links to your Google Calendar.



Automate tasks in other apps when events are scheduled.


Outlook Calendar

Create events and notify you of scheduled updates.

iCloud iCloud

iCloud Calendar

Create events and notify you of scheduled updates.

Ready to start the next part of your journey?

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