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Throughout human history, we've seen the desire for continuous development and improvement from individuals, groups, communities, countries and nations.

And while life isn't about specific goals or targets, it is directly linked to the extent (or lack there of), of your individual potential. The journey of life and it's ‘experiences’ determine whether your life is marked by exceptional highs or lows economically, socially and spiritually.

Where success is the only option
>Kaizen —

What is >Kaizen?

>Kaizen as a ‘toolset’ was created to help people drive towards success in a business setting but it soon became clear the tools we'd built worked across many endevours outside the business environment.

One common thread we discovered was the greatest developments always build upon the work of other great innovators. >Kaizen is built upon the shoulders of giants, yet offers its own distinct addition to the journey of human peak performance.

"I did not look for ‘what went wrong’ or 'the whys'. I did not look for cures, I looked for what worked, no matter how... The result is what is now called Neuro-Linguistic Programming- that is, a series of lessons that teach what others have learned that work."

Bandler & Grinder
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

"NAC is a step-by-step process that conditions your nervous system to associate pleasure to those things you want to continuously move towards and pain to those things you need to avoid in order to succeed consistently in your life without constant effort or will power."

Tony Robbins
Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC)

"Well, simply put, I figured out a laughably simply way to eliminate steps two, three and four from NLP’s five step anchoring process... (an) infinitely more user-friendly two step process that I officially dubbed olfactory anchoring."

Jordan Belfort
Olfactory Anchoring (OA)

Do you have a spare 10,000 hours? Guessed as much...

In the early 2000's while exploring routes to maximise his own potential, one of our Co-Founders wondered why there were so many different solutions to fix the one real problem that exists in life: how to become the very best version of you across all areas of life. From this quest, >Kaizen was born to combine Kinesthetic Neural Patterning (KNP) with cutting edge technology and deep learning, delivering a framework for success in Work, Life and Play.

The story of Kaizen is the story of two individuals from very different backgrounds who share a passion for a 'no bullshit' approach to every aspect of life. Along the way, they both went through extraordinary growth through the school of hard knocks.

>Kaizen speaks to those individuals who know deep in their core that rules they were told to play were not their rules. People like you, who look at the hand you've been dealt and realise the deck was stacked from the start.

So if like us, you felt the pain, frustration and limitations that seem to block your progress in life, then welcome to the >Kaizen performance revolution.

You've finally found the support you're been seeking

Neil & André love to meet and interact with kindred souls who see the stars as almost within their reach. Together and individually they have grown many successful enterprises and worked with people on every continent around the world.

Along the journey, they realised the rules of other people's games were overly restrictive, so they changed the game being played and learnt a new set of rules to create financial freedom. But more importantly, they learnt to turn every day events into exciting new opportunities. If the deck was stacked against them, they learned how to read the cards and remain one step ahead of the dealers.

Success was no longer a mystery, it was a formula self-evident for anyone who cared to look.

NKP was built on the shoulders of giants

>Kaizen is built upon the very best thinking in areas of training, coaching and mentoring. It lays no claim to the individual components being 100% original or unique; Rather the process, system and tools you find in the platform take these components that individually under-perform, and weaponize them via Neuro Kinetic Patterning (NKP).

If, like our founders you've had enough of the life that sets you boundaries often characterised by uncertainties and scarcity, then welcome to the first stage on your journey to freedom, success and boundless opportunity.

Every journey benefits from a reliable map

Before you continue on the quest for success, you need to understand where you're starting from.

Imagine being given precise driving instructions to take you to the Houses of Parliament, only to discover you’d been given a map of Paris!

Alternatively, we could have used one of the famous phrases from NLP "The map is not the territory", but if you lacked the prior knowledge or experience, this more precise description is 100% less useful than the previous statement.

Too often, when you're seeking success, you have to learn a whole new language. This may take the form of sitting an exam or three, and more than likely, spend thousands of pounds (or dollars) just to get a certificate that says you now (supposedly) know what you're talking about!

Have you ever sat in a seminar room and had the trainer say things like "does that make sense" or "is that clear enough"? Again, these are psychological patterns of communication designed to make everyone nod like dogs and agree. It takes a very brave attendee who, when the trainer asks if it "makes sense", to disagree. It's not that the topic may be unclear, but rather the concept of herd mentality that dictates most of us don’t like to stand out.

The conscious vs unconscious mind

Chances are that in your teenage years you felt like you were the only one in the world who didn’t get the memo on exactly what to say or do.

Social conditioning and our unconscious drivers are responsible for many of the decisions we make in life, whether for good or bad. The subconscious mind doesn't differentiate between good or bad decisions; rather it seeks to preserve the individual or self.

Meet always late Sam and smoker John...

  1. Sam is five minutes late for everything;
  2. John is always trying to give up smoking, but after three months, grabs a pint and 30 minutes later is outside smoking again.

In both scenarios, what's really happening is that when they try to make a positive change at the conscious level, the unconscious mind recoils as what happens.

Sam, who everyone loves because she's funny, would be late to her own funeral. If Sam is on time, we'd be asking "who's Sam, this person doesn't match with previous experiences". Or John, who finally gives up - what would happen if he was no longer amongst the tribe of smokers?

Recognise that you need to address these unconscious drivers to avoid repeating the negative patterns of the past. >Kaizen through NKP enables you to turn the exact same phenomena into an engine for success.

It's not about brainwashing, or is it?

If unconscious drivers weren’t bad enough, think of the most successful brainwashing program or ingenious religious cult; they have nothing on society as a whole.

For most of us, from a very young age we become indoctrinated into turning up at a set location, clocking-in on-time and are rewarded for good behaviour until the school bell rings at the end of the day. This was a great formula for success following the industrial revolution, but in this post-industrial world, people have moved on, but the patterns into which most of us are born have not.

Reflect upon what patterns and behaviours are part of your everyday experience that you have simply never questioned. >Kaizen, through NKP enables you to turn the exact same phenomena into an agent for freedom and change.

Conscious control is within your power

While it may come as a shock or surprise to realise that significant aspects of your life are not fully under your conscious control, >Kaizen is about seeing things as they are, not worse than they are, just simply as they are. Once we're able to identify the factors that have held us back, we can take action not just to circumvent the embedded approach, but learn how to re-purpose the same factors into dynamic methods to empower ourselves.

This step-up enables whole new levels of success in work, life and play. >Kaizen provides the tools and the process to achieve exactly that, and when you realise how to do it, you'll be surprised at just how quickly and dramatically changes can be made in any area.

In the world of the exceptional performer, the neuro-typical is at a disadvantage

We recognised from the start that success often alludes the brightest and best people due to the social conditioning in which they were raised.

Take a look at some of the most successful athletes, chefs or business leaders around the world and its hardly surprising that many have suffered from dyslexia, dyspraxia or other syndromes that marked them as different. Then realise this power of being different allowed them to realise the prison walls that block our path, are in fact made of paper.

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Whether you're an individual or a team, >Kaizen provides a single solution that combines systems, processes and learning that always puts you and your results first.

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