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How >Kaizen Works

Having identified that most approaches to skill acquisition, learning and training fall short of peoples hopes and dreams, we realised that the perfect solution would be for everyone to work with Tony Robbins, Robert Bandler or Jordan Belfort, but let's be realistic; that isn't practical in any shape or form.

So we created >Kaizen for people just like you!

Where success is the only option

How does >Kaizen actually work?

>Kaizen delivers a series of relatively easy steps in a process that's underpinned by a platform containing tools, knowledge and understanding. >Kaizen helps anyone regardless of current level of success (or lack thereof) in any area of their lives, with results visible in a matter of weeks.

Everything is process-driven and we recommend giving the free trial a go as you've got absolutely nothing to lose. However if you remain unconvinced, let us explore the How of >Kaizen via an analogy.

Let's set the scene for this analogy...

>Kaizen is designed to deliver real world results and is therefore experiential in nature. Therefore the best way to understand not just the How, but the Why and the What is to imagine you are a participant in a video game.

Ready, set..... GO!

At the beginning of the game you set your hearts desires in terms of career, life and love. These goals are waiting at the top of a large waterslide and you have to race upstream towards them while other competitors take pot shots at you with waterjets of negativity, foam blocks of family, and expectations set by friends designed to knock you off your feet.

As you struggle forward, the people in charge increase the barrage of obstacles (real-world examples include failed promotions and job offers that never materialise). But the gamemasters continue to increase the volume and velocity of the water that grabs at your ankles. Your grip slips as the responsibilities of partners, children, mortgages and the passage of time crush your appetite to take risks.

Yet still you struggle on, collecting the occasional gold star which you can exchange for the promise of wealth in a retirement you are not guaranteed to reach, or a bulletproof job with a multi-national corporation that will replace you with a computer algorithm in a few short years.

Just when you feel you're making progress, they unleash a tidal wave of Fear and Imposter Syndrome on you that knock you off your feet. You're then swept back to the start of the course.

All the while, the timer is ticking down. Do you have enough strength to get up and give it another go or is it easier to simply go with the flow? Its easier that way after all.

Depressed much? Change the rules...

  1. With >Kaizen, we fix the game by identifying your hearts desires in any and all areas of life; We call this your Vision;
  2. We build a map of your known barriers and obstacles and group then into your Mission;
  3. We outline Goals & Expectations that break down barriers and obstacles into manageable activities grouped into Workplans.
  4. Within Workplans we create our battle plans otherwise called Tasks;
  5. Then to align with tasks we look through our comprehensive tool box and select the most appropriate Tools.

Start surfacing insights and creating positive change

At any stage of the journey, the >Kaizen Dashboard surfaces insights into what we need to do next and how to achieve it. It also displays how every stage is connected to one another with the sole purpose of moving you from the start of the journey to your desired destination as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Now imagine how this would look in the gameshow, knowing each obstacle and the strategy/tactics required to overcome the challenge before its you turn to play. You'd turn off the water, fix the obstacles in place and line up the gold stars in a nice line in the centre of the course. You would step over obstacles, skirt round barriers and complete the entire course in less then half the allotted time.

Once you’ve finished that game, if you want to play a new one, you can look at one of our MasterClass providers to learn a new set of skills. Perhaps you also want to go from being in the game to running your own, and can do so by adding a membership to a MasterMind that would help you take everything to a whole new level.

I want you to succeed in reaching your goals

Hey 👋 I’m Neil, one of the co-founders at >Kaizen.

I don’t know about you, but the first version of the game above would definitely be more exciting to watch! And there's nothing more satisfying, it appears, than seeing other people get knocked off their feel, get half drowned and make total fools of themselves.

However, if I had to pick a game to play, it would be the >Kaizen version where hard work and effort is still required, but where I get the results I want.

Time to re-write the rules

We all have a choice in life to either take the opportunity to re-write the rules, or accept the status quo.

If you're prepared to burn the rule book and write your own rules, you'll be building a framework that enables you to chase after every conceivable Vision, Goal or Desire you wish to set.

And with the scarcity of money, health and love in our lives, making the decision sooner rather than later, will create space for endless possibilities to surface.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Al-Anon, typically mis-attributed to Albert Einstein

Success leaves it's clues

Many people accept the possibility that success leaves its clues, but they fail to realise that so does mediocracy.

For the majority of people, this is their lives. There's nothing wrong with ordinary providing that’s your choice, however if you haven’t chosen your own limitations, don’t let someone else prescribe them.

>Kaizen is, by design, methodology agnostic which means you can take your favourite strategies, plug them into the process and see your results explode. However, for some people they still need that little extra help.

We firmly believe everyone can 10x their results by using the Kaizen tools alone, however if you're looking for even bigger wins, the combination of tools, masterclasses and masterminds create powerful habits for the acquisition of success in all areas of life.

We created the >Kaizen Hierarchy of Success

  • Top Floor: Peer to Peer Mastermind Groups
  • Third Floor: Industry Expert MasterClasses
  • Second Floor: Live Group Coaching
  • First Floor: 20+ MasterClass courses
  • Foundations: Platform and tools

In case you haven't picked up on it by now, Neil and André like to do thing differently; Things that move the needle and turn heads, and that’s reflected not just in the how, but also the how much of >Kaizen.

Ready to dive in? Start your free trial today.

Whether you're an individual or a team, >Kaizen provides a single solution that combines systems, processes and learning that always puts you and your results first.

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