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>Kaizen —

The Kaizen goal-achievement tool, in combination with the MasterClasses, coaching content and Mastermind Peer-Groups will help you to accelerate your success and free-up more of your time.

"Kaizen links every layer of our organisation from the strategic to the operational in real time. I wish we had this years ago.”

Clay Knight
Every Corner Distribution

“I use Kaizen to empower every individual in our team to work to their unique strengths and collaborate towards our shared Vision.”

David Mclean
Founder of DRM Group

"The MasterClasses work really well in addition to the tools. As a collective, we can see how our teams are performing without micro-managing.”

Sarah Jane Russell
The Content Marketing Club

Re-write the rule book on individual and group performance

>Kaizen enables Individuals, teams and organizations to take control of time. Imagine everyone across your organisation not only having read, but fully understands the Vision and Mission. Imagine a world where every individual understands how their contribution is linked to clearly defined Goals and Expectations, where business culture is not an aspiration but in everyone's DNA.

Includes 20+ video courses and growing.

Instantly link every layer of your organisation

Create synergy and unity across the organisation from the strategic to the operational in real time, so everyone feels part of the team, not a nameless cog in a machine. Competition and secrecy are replaced by collaboration and openness, leading to significant and sustainable improvements.

Includes 8 integrated digital tools and growing.

Build highly effective performance habits

Neuro Kinaesthetic Patterning helps you effortlessly create long-term habits. Whether managing your whole workday or specific projects over a period of a few months, tasks that used to take days can shorten to hours.

Monthly performance reviews.

Learn to play the game

While we take life seriously, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Gamification builds a new layer of honesty in performance management as well as a unique way to earn bonuses for you and/or your organisation.

60 mins live group coaching each and every month.

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Join the Startup UK MasterClass

If you identify a need for upskilling in a particular area, you also gain access to the >Kaizen MasterClasses as well as the Startup UK content, where learning is linked to tools in the platform, virtually guaranteeing results.

Includes 20+ video courses and growing.

Excel with the assistance of a MasterMind group

If you're aiming to be the next thought leader, CEO, Politician or expert in any field, why not join one of our MasterMind groups where the best of the best help each other excel.

Peer-to-peer business accelerator.

With everything aligned to Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission is your success, so we always go the extra mile. As a subscriber, you can enjoy a 60 minute group coaching call every month, worth more than the cost of the base subscription alone!

Startup UK takes the theory and ideas you have read about, and enables you to execute to greater levels of effectiveness than ever before.

I want you to succeed in reaching your goals

Hey 👋 I’m Neil, the founder of Startup UK.

We all know that we waste a lot of time whether as individuals or teams. If you took all the tiny slices of time lost to inaction, procrastination, mindless chatter, avoidance and boredom, you would get an extra 33 productive hrs per week. That's like being given an extra two months a year!

I'm really excited to finally be able to take what I’ve learnt across the last two decades and make it available to everyone at a price that offers such value.

Connect with all your essential tools

The platform that plays nicely with other tools in your workflow.


Google Calendar

Create events and notify you of scheduled updates.


Zoom Video Conferencing

Automatically create meeting rooms for MasterMinds and check-ins.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Add MasterMind and check-in links to your Google Calendar.



Automate tasks in other apps when events are scheduled.


Outlook Calendar

Create events and notify you of scheduled updates.


iCloud Calendar

Create events and notify you of scheduled updates.

Ready to start the next part of your journey?

You’ll be in great company

>Kaizen is trusted by hundreds of smart people. Here are a few of them.

Julian Lee
Channel Partner Alliance
Neil Trigger
Ghostly Publishing
Clay Knight
Every Corner Distribution
Sarah Jane Russell
The Content Marketing Club
David Mclean
DRM Group
Claudia Zvara
Hidden Yg